` Oceana Fishery Audit 2019


More Crustaceans Enter the Critical Zone

As this year’s Fishery Audit reveals, Scotian Shelf snow crab and three Pacific shrimp stocks have moved into the critical zone, bringing the total number of critically depleted crustacean stocks to seven. In 2017, there was one.

Continued declines in crustacean fisheries would be a major economic shock to coastal communities. Today, Canada’s seafood industry is driven by a handful of species. According to the most recent data,10 the value of just three groups of crustaceans — crab, lobster and shrimp — account for more than 74 per cent of total fisheries landings, worth approximately $3.8 billion.

Credit: Kevin Galvin

10  2017 Value of Atlantic & Pacific Coasts Commercial Landings, by Province, available online at: http://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/stats/commercial/land-debarq/sea-maritimes/s2017pv-eng.htm

Credit: iStock/RLSPHOTO